Temporary Adopted Ordering Process

By March 26, 2020News

March 21st 2020 – Until further notice

During this period of lockdown, Herbert William would like to let you know how we are proceeding to run our company

In the interest of public health, our showroom is closed to the public until further notice

The Herbert William team are all working remotely from their homes. They are all able to answer queries and are continuing to liaise with clients regarding Kitchen, Bedroom or Home office designs and quotations

Herbert William has one dedicated team member who is isolated in the warehouse to receive and distribute any goods that may come in

Herbert William are able to take orders and process them during this period of lockdown using our TEMPORARY ADOPTED ORDERING PROCESS

In normal trading times, using our given lead times on all products we set the installation date with our clients and goods are ordered on a ‘just in time’ policy.

The new TEMPORARY ADOPTED ORDERING PROCESS differs from this as follows :-

  1. Upon order; a kitchen, bedroom or home office is broken down into component groups. Each group has a different supplier and the orders are placed with each supplier (this process is the same in normal trading circumstances)
  2. The orders are placed in their component groups with all the different suppliers requesting delivery to be ASAP. We are requesting all goods to come in as soon as possible (this differs from the ‘just in time’ policy we have been used to)
  3. The goods from each supplier will be checked into our warehouse and when the order is complete the installation team will be instructed that the works can commence if allowed
    (determined by the government guidelines in the interest of public health England)

What this means to our clients?

For our clients we will continue to order Kitchens, Bedrooms and Home Offices but using the TEMPORARY ADOPTED ORDERING PROCESS. There is a high probability supplies WILL NOT COME through as we have been used to and LEAD TIMES WILL BE EXTENDED. 50% of our suppliers have already notified us of shutdown and we are receiving further e mails daily.

However the benefit to our clients is that knowing the industry as well as we do we can also foresee the urgency at the other side of this period of lockdown. Developers and builders have projects that are on temporary lock down which will be costly and they will require kitchens, bedrooms or home offices in order that their builds can be finished as quickly as humanly possible once normal trading resumes.

In the interest of our clients if the project is decided and ready to order our team are able to process supplier orders now. They will order your goods on our new ASAP policy. We have adapted the company personnel and have one person who is the dedicated sole isolated worker in the warehouse able to receive goods and check them in as they filter through.

At the end of this period of lock down, the orders that are already on the system with our suppliers will be ahead of those that will be poised ready to order. It may even mean that components are already in our store ready to come straight out to your home or your site to be installed. We are working closely with our developer clients who are continuing to order on this understanding to enable them to be ahead of the game when the industry gets back in full motion

The SHORTGES AND EXTENDED LEAD IN TIMES are INDUSTRY WIDE. So please be aware that if you are told anything different from another retailer please be wary and ask them if they are actually being realistic?

Kind regards

The Herbert William Team

Herbert William showroom is currently closed to visitors.

Our design department, accounts department and installations manager are all contactable on their emails or by calling 01794 324029.

We remain busy with orders and new enquiries as our designers are just as comfortable working from their own homes as they are from the office. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are maintaining safe working practices in an effort to stay economically sound without having to claim benefits from the government.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any home improvement projects you may have in the pipeline for Spring of 2021 or beyond.

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