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Why open plan kitchens are so popular

Open plan kitchens are the most frequently requested projects for Herbert William and it’s because of the many benefits they bring to our homes. In this article, we’re going to explore why this style of kitchen is so consistently popular.

What Is Open Plan Living? 

Open plan living is the combination of two (or more) traditionally distinct rooms into a single space. For our projects, this normally means creating an open plan area from the property’s old kitchen and dining room. 

In some properties, the entire downstairs is open plan. Open plan living is so popular, that as many as one in five family homes have had their living spaces redesigned to accommodate the style.

Example of an open plan kitchen we designed that required the removal of an interior wall.

Why is open plan living so popular?

Clearly, open plan living proves exceptionally popular, but why is this? There are three main reasons why an increasing number of households are moving towards this style of living:

The Light and Airy Design Makes the Space Look Incredible 

When you visit an open plan home, it appeals to the senses in a manner that you simply cannot achieve with other, more enclosed, spaces.  The additional light gives the impression that the space is much larger and this highlights the character of the room.

Because open plan kitchens often have premium features (e.g., natural stone worktops, English oak cupboards, and state-of-the-art appliances), the additional light emphasises the design in an elegant way.

Smart Grey Kitchen in Nursling
The lighting emphasises the elegance and sophistication of this designer kitchen.

Open Plan Living Creates a Sociable Space 

For many families, mealtimes are social events. The popularity of restaurants and the number of holidays that centre around food (e.g., Christmas dinner) prove just how sociable mealtimes are.

However, historically, we compartmentalised our homes. Each room had a clear function: the kitchen for cooking; the dining room for eating; and the living room for socialising. You can see this division in the floor plans of a typical Victorian or Edwardian home: everything in its place and everything has its function.

What did this mean for families? It meant spending less time together. Open plan living solves this problem. It creates an open area that unites different elements into a single space.

Whether you love to entertain, spend time with your family, or both, open plan living offers the perfect solution. It keeps the party in one place and the family together.

Perhaps you’re worried about the mess from your meal preparation being on show? Don’t be. There are all sorts of gadgets and appliances to help solve these issues. For example, the Fisher and Paykel dishwasher that has two independent drawers for added space and convenience.


The Fisher and Paykel dishwasher drawers help keep open-plan kitchens tidy.



Other concerns may include excess smoke in the open plan area (even the best chefs will occasionally overcook the garlic!), noisy appliances, and difficulty creating ambience. Fortunately, there are solutions to all of these problems.

Heavy-duty extraction fans emerge from the worktop to remove smoke and moisture from the air, low-noise appliances are effectively the norm, and we can use special lighting techniques to ensure that you can set the mood, whatever that may be…

Open plan living allows you to create an open space. This lends to feelings of togetherness and a sense of community. It’s literally a communal space.

Open Plan Living Creates a General Feeling of Well-Being 

Do you feel your spirits lift when you walk into a large open space? This is no coincidence, open plan living brings a greater amount of natural light to the space. Light has many benefits, including increasing Vitamin D production and consequently bone health, improving vision, regulating the circadian rhythm, increasing energy levels, and improving mood.

The social aspect of open plan living also helps us to feel a greater sense of mental well-being. Socialising helps us feel connected and in tune with people.

Open plan living brings a sense of freedom too. Enclosed spaces tend to feel cramped and oppressive (although, some may say “cosy”). Open plan living makes the place feel more spacious, which leads to feelings of freedom and further improvements in mood.

You may assume that these projects are stressful for homeowners. After all, it often requires fundamental changes to your home, such as the removal of walls. However, rest assured that Herbert William has extensive experience creating open-plan kitchens and our service includes full project management, from start to finish. Our aim is to create a stress-free experience for our clients.

If you think you’re ready to experience the benefits of open plan living, visit our kitchen showroom for an informal chat and a coffee to discover how Herbert William can help you realise your dream kitchen.

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