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How to Design A Child-Friendly Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen plays a central role in family life. It’s often a noisy space, a buzz with activity, where everyone can enjoy quality time together away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The kitchen is a great space in which to educate our offsprings. Taking part in chores, such as food preparation, not only teaches them valuable life-lessons about healthy eating, but it also teaches children about teamwork and organisational skills.Child friendly kitchen

A child friendly kitchen provides a welcoming family space where children can learn to explore and grow in an environment that is free from the hazards awaiting curious fingers and minds. At Herbert William, our expert designers understand how to design family-friendly kitchens that are safe and welcoming.

Creating a family-friendly kitchen means adopting a holistic view of kitchen design. Our kitchen design Romsey does this by addressing different areas of concern, including protecting children from burns; accounting for their curiosity – they get into everything; and protecting them from their accident-prone nature – bumped heads seem to be the permanent badge of childhood!

Paying attention to these different facts when designing a family kitchen will then allow children to explore and participate in family life whilst minimising risks. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that we can help you create a child-friendly kitchen.

Protecting Children from Burns and Scalds

Appliance manufacturers have come up with some ingenious ways to help minimise the risk of burns in the kitchen. We can help you choose the safest appliances for your new kitchen. The following is a selection of the type of appliances we use in our kitchen designs: 

  • Child locks: several brands make use of child locks for their ovens, including Miele and NEFF, which are popular choices amongst our clients. 
  • Triple and Quadruple Glazing to oven doors: not only are these glazing options highly efficient, they also make the ovens safer because they are cooler to the touch when compared to older styles of oven.
  • Quooker taps: these taps provide boiling water, literally, on tap – they are one of the most popular features in our kitchen designs. Quooker taps replace the danger of having a kettle in a kitchen. There is no lead to grab hold of which can be a worry with a traditional kettle. It is a child proof operation to acquire boiling water from the tap and the insulation ensures the taps are cool to the touch after dispensing.


Safety Features That Protect Curious Minds and Fingers

Anyone who has spent more than 5-minutes with young children understands how curious they are. Turning your back for a moment can leave the dog covered in spices and crayon on the kitchen walls and cupboards, our designers can advise on easy-clean cupboard doors.

For reasons unexplained, the kitchen seems to appeal to children more than any other room in the house. There’s plenty of mischief to be made in the kitchen.

Fortunately, you can keep that mischief to a minimum. Here’s how…

  • Lockable doors and drawers are an excellent choice to keep children out of cupboards where they might find dangerous chemicals and sharp implements. Our kitchen designers can add after-sales locks to your cabinets and drawers, as well as to some appliances.
  • Integrated bins keep your rubbish safely out of reach of those rummaging hands (and snouts).
  • Soft close doors and drawers stop little fingers from being trapped in places they shouldn’t be.
  • The lure of a plug socket can sometimes prove overwhelming to little ones. Placing safety plugs over open sockets protects curious fingers and prevents items being jammed in the pinholes.
  • Softened and curved edges on worktops and units mean it hurts less, and the outcome is less severe, if someone accidentally bumps into them.
  • The NEFF slide and hide oven doors also help protect against knocks and bumps. Rather than leaving the oven door open for people to bump into, the door slides neatly under the appliance offering easy access to remove hot dishes from the oven. 


  • The choice of floor can also be important in providing child safety in kitchens. For instance, a non-polished floor is much safer as it reduces the risk of slippage. In addition, choosing a soft floor will provide a soft landing if your little one falls over. Moduleo sell a range of luxury vinyl floors that are not only hardwearing and attractive, but also nice and soft.

Luxury well designed family kitchen in Lymington

  • Zoning is also a great way to help children make the most of the kitchen whilst ensuring that they stay away from the more dangerous areas. For example, a preparation area allows them to help with the family meals away from hobs and ovens. You can even make use of step stools, which help children to reach the kitchen worktops and preparation areas safely.

Are you looking for a designer to help you create a high quality, child-friendly, kitchen? If so, visit our showroom to discover all of our child-friendly options.

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