Kitchen Design Ashurst New Forest with a striking, luxurious ambience.  The design process for this modern kitchen started in 2014.  The client, who owns a printing and design company, wanted a luxury kitchen and has an eye for detail.  With an understanding of good quality and design costs the client preferred the design process to not be rushed.  He wanted a “show and party” kitchen and loved the proposal we put together.  The design makes the best use of the large L shaped room and “hides” the support pillar which was prominent in the old design.

The pillar was integrated successfully using a stepped feature on the run of sink units and included a large curved Mackintosh unit.  This was planned meticulously.  The units start at a depth of 680mm with the dishwasher, pulled away from the wall.  Then the units are stepped so that the double drawer units the depth was only 500mm.  This allows the curve to work perfectly. With the use of ‘Solid Surface’ Herbert William were able to sweep the worktop along the front edge right on into the curve.

To get the luxury look of this kitchen four different Mackintosh Kitchen types were combined to create the design; Black AmazonasIntegral Gloss GreyMetrica Gloss GreyLinear Gloss White which Herbert William had professionally sprayed to match Metric Gloss Grey.  The reason we added the sprayed linear gloss white is the special curved unit that forms the breakfast bar area is only available in this design.

The client had a fabulous matching dining table custom made that doubles up as a pool table!

The unit towards the far end of the kitchen beyond the pool table is a “bar area” with pocket opening doors that open and fold back to reveal a mirrored back and glass shelves.  All appliances are high end Bosch appliances which include pop up sockets, self cleaning ovens and a masculine coffee machine.

"Great company, from initial concepts to the completed kitchen the Herbert William team did a fantastic job ensuring every detail was delivered and installed to the highest standard."

Jason Terry

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